Top 5 Reasons to Go To American Sales Summit...

1. Vegas is fun...  May 15th - May 19th. 

2. Free General Admission Tickets

3. Comes with Free Hotel Rooms in Vegas! 

4. You'll learn How To Get Rich Selling

5. You'll Learn How To Get Rich Marketing

Get what you want out of life by learning how to become an expert at selling.

Get what you want out of life by learning how to become an expert at selling.

Now is your time to learn how to enhance your sales skills which will make you a lot more money.

Learn to become a masterful sales person and make a lot more money by “Selling Your Way To Millions".      

Be a part of this incredible 4 day event in Las Vegas and learn how to get tons of new leads and make 2014 the year that you double or triple your income.

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Sell your way to millions...
  • Learn real content and a lot of it to seriously change how you sell and how much money you will make. It is all about sales and the better you are at selling... the more money you will make.
  • Learn cutting edge sales techniques from the world's greatest salesmen and saleswomen.
  • Learn effective marketing techniques over multiple platforms that will get you tons of leads.
  • Learn how to use social media to explode your sales and make lots of money.
  • Hear from best selling authors about how to make more money selling in 2014.
  • Enhance your sales skills to effectively line your sales and overcome objections and drastically increase your closing rate.
  • Learn how to get massive amounts of quality leads. 
  • Develop persuasion skills
  • Learn how to create irresistible influence

A few of our 2013 speakers...

Tom Hopkins



Marshall Sylver

The Millionaire Maker


Adam Markel
Peak Potentials 


Bill Walsh
America's Business Expert



How to line a sale

How to sell with trial closes

How to close sales    

How to sell more with a brand            

How to sell info-products and books 

How to be “best in class” 

How to sell with direct mail and email

How to sell with seminars and webinars

How to sell on the radio and television

How to sell from the stage

Sell more with joint ventures

Build a business and sell it for a lot

Learn how to negotiate

Selling on the Internet with free offers

How to sell with network marketing

How to learn how to love to sell

Who should attend...
  • Sales professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Internet marketers
  • Coaches and trainers
  • Stay at home moms
  • Second income seekers
  • Retirees
  • Professionals
  • College students
  • Small business owners
  • People who are underemployed 
  • People who are unemployed 
  • People who are unhappily employed
  • People looking to replace an income
  • Ambitious people who want more
  • Network marketers
  • Sales manages
  • Lawyers
  • Doctors
  • Real estate investors
  • People who sell, which is everyone

Do you know how to get tons of leads? Do you know how to automatically get sales leads on the internet. Find out how at American Sales Summit. At American Sales Summit you will learn how to “set it and forget it” and then keep getting tons of qualified sales leads and lots of  buyers from the internet.



Learn how to make your phone ring with TV and radio advertising. Find out how to tweak you sales pitch different personality types. Become a master closer by learning trial closes that help you take the temperature of who you are selling to during your sale so that you know just what to do to and when to do it to close the deal.


At American Sales Summit you’ll learn how to sell more by creating a brand. In Las Vegas in May American Sales Summit will teach you how to be the best salesperson around and how to become “Best In Class”.  If you're into multi-level marketing, American Sales Summit will teach you how get thousands of new of leads and close them.

Top Reasons to Go...

1. It's in Vegas, May 15th - May 19th

2. Free General Admission Tickets

3. Comes with Free Hotel Rooms 

4. You'll learn How To Get Rich Selling 

5. You'll Learn How To Get Rich Marketing 

6. You'll Have Lots of Fun in Vegas

7. You'll Get Free Tickets to Vegas Shows

8. You'll Meet New People Who Can Help You 

9. You'll Get To Go To Our VIP Parties

10. Win prizes like IPads, Trips and Cruises 

11. Free VIP Lunches